GitHub Notifications on your desktop.

Gitify Desktop App
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All your GitHub notifications on your desktop. Nice & Easy.

Gitify is all about making your life easier. It just does a job. Sitting on your dock or tray it informs you for any GitHub notifications without being annoying and of course without adverts. Works with GitHub Enterprise and multiple accounts.

Gitify App
Your Preferences, Settings

It's about your preferences.

Gitify will notify you every time you receive a notification by playing a sound (not an annoying one - promise!), by showing a native OSX notification or by just turning its tray icon to green. It is not there to interupt your workflow or distract you at all. It's your buddy.

Free & Open Source. It's ours.

With Version 1.0.0 being a complete rewrite of the app, Gitify is based on Electron - the base of Atom Text Editor, React, Redux and more awesome open source libraries.

Open Source - Electron, React, Redux, SASS, GitHub, Node JS.